The Word Is Bond are proud to announce the release of K-Murdock’s new collaborative album “#Net-Works” a 14 track LP with guest features from the likes of underground favourite Raashan Ahmad, Washington D.C. poet Joe Smokes Wisdom, the critically acclaimed y U and frequent collaborators Raw Poetic and Random.

To coincide with the release, K-Murdock is delivering a video exclusively with the Word Is Bond, with a personal nostalgic subtext, as it was filmed in the college attended by both K and River Nelson (who provides the vocals for the track). The video entitled “Good For Tomorrow” will mark the first single from the album, a project which has been five years in the making and was brought together conceptually by Word Is Bond contributors and the artistry of K-Murdock.

When we talk “Net-Works” we are referring to the inter-connected nature of underground hip-hop and the vast reach blogging has with regards to bringing artists together. On our side we fed K with a number of artists he could chose to work with, many of whom were eager to spend studio time with him in D.C. On the other hand we were keen to explore the international possibilities generated through our contacts, and we set up some intriguing French hip-hop features which left a strong mark on the albums identity. 

Sound wise we set out to deliver a progressive fusion of sounds, to achieve this we worked with a number of female vocalists, spoken word poets and dynamic lyricists, all of whom merge under the talented production skills of K-Murdock. We argued, had fun, debated and ultimately strived to make the project together and we are incredibly proud of the way it has turned out and most importantly hope you will be too.

The Word Is Bond wouldn’t exist without its readers, and it’s not lost on any of us, the doors which have opened from building a community such as ours. We wouldn’t be in a position to embark on projects such as this without the crucial element – our audience. And it is you who we have seeked to impress as we have the same desire to stumble across next level underground hip-hop.

You can pick the album up on BandCamp and we promise that the Word Is Bond stamp of approval guarantees quality, as does the pedigree of the man crucial to the sounds of Megaran and Panacea -the endlessly talented K-Murdock.

Support K-Murdock & TWIB by supporting the album on Bandcamp

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