Multi-talented rapper/songwriter Mudmowth returns with a new project  Kokoro, a 10-track body of work that pays tribute to his newborn daughter and the growth he went through in the last decade as he country hopped, made music and learned new things.

Peel off the skill, attach new skin and find new skies to taste the sunshine” is the mantra of the first track “Peel the Skin”. The soulful and sublime backdrop is ripe with Mudmowth’s insightful songwriting and expressive rhyme schemes that center on self-growth and shedding one’s restraints to experience the full range of the human experience. “Digging for Dreams” is a bouncy jazz-infused track ripe with rich keys, and nostalgia-inducing horns. Here, Mudmowth delivers an aspirational and motivational piece that everyone can relate it and use as an impetus to chase their goals. lines like  A wise man once said, the present is a present/I’m taking every step like a section of a lesson” are more than enough to get you going.


“Kokoro” samples Mudmowth’s daughter’s laughter and is a warm, sombre track that is dedicated and titled after her. Over the solemn backdrop, the rapper pours adulations on his newborn, reassuring her that he will always be there to help her along the way. “Dedication” features Blaktrix and Emcee Millz and is a tune that captures each emcee’s respective tribute. It starts with Mudmowth’s dedication to hip-hop, his past and the experiences that shaped him. This is followed by Blaktrix’s heartfelt dedication to his kinfolk who suffered tragedy and found strength with it and Emcee Millz closes it out with an introspective verse about daily struggles and tribulations that almost broke her if not for her indomitable spirit. “Watashi” features Sakura Murobi and together they deliver a heartfelt and relatable piece about focusing on oneself and doing what is best to achieve your true purpose.

The aptly titled track “Music” is a blissful piano-driven piece that follows Mudmowth in his daily activities, from waking up to his daughter’s smile, riding the bus to work pushing through the runt and experiencing the ups and downs of the day.


“Unity” has that classic 90s boom-bap-jazz vibe with punchy drums, slick piano riffs and vocal scratches to complete the job. Here, Mudmowth pays homage to the ones going through the madness of life and finding strength in the community. Next up is “Peace Signs and Pizza”, another jazz-infused jam that offers positive vibes with engaging and vivid lyricism. The next track “Hideaway” has a Gospel-soul feel with sublime vocals, and pulsating bass-driven grooves underpinned by Mudmowth’s storytelling. Here, he takes us back to his childhood and breaks down the growth he experienced and the events that made him into a better man. The final track “Mop of Hair”, is a conceptual track that juxtaposes Mudmowth’s youth with him watching his daughter grow and realizing how the circle of life comes around. The insightful track is informed by the beauty of this continuous change and the interconnectivity between the past and the present and reminds us that life is being lived so enjoy each moment.


Overall, Kokoro is a solid effort that is cohesive, soulful, candid and relatable to fathers and non-fathers alike. The stories are detailed, and engaging and give listeners a whole new perspective on the term growth.

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