London-born and Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, producer, and performer who goes by the moniker IAMTHELIVING is a man who wears many hats and on his new project  Nebra Sky, Pt. 1, he brings to the forefront a unique blend of modern soul with R&B elements. The 6-track body of work serves as an open letter and a reintroduction to the artist known as IAMTHELIVING. IAMTHELIVING got into the entertainment industry at the age of 15 as a professional backing dancer. In 2018, he got involved in songwriting sessions in London, and Los Angeles before settling in Vancouver. The following year, he emerged with his new moniker and a debut album In This Thing Called Life EP which earned him a JUNO Award nomination in the category of “Traditional R&B/Soul Recording of the Year.


The project starts with “Superhero”, a touching tribute to his mother. The track begins with a voicenote from his mum and proceeds to IAMTHELIVING recollecting the good memories of his childhood growing up in a single-parent household. From the soul music that coloured his life to the timeless lessons his mother gave him and his siblings, IAMTHELIVING draws upon these experiences and memories that shaped him to be the man he is today. This is followed by “ Rockin’ London City” which lives up to its title and once you hit the play button, the rich guitars and punchy drum grooves come into play as IAMTHELIVING takes us deep into his stomping grounds with a scenic view of things. Next up is “Can’t Be Replaced”, a mellow reflective tune that centers around self-doubt and confidence. Over the rich acoustic guitar plucks and thumping drums, IAMTHELIVING delivers a heartfelt and emotion-filled performance that hits the soul. Lines like “Maybe I don’t have much to say/I have lived a good life anyway/but even so its never easy that is why I write these songs” dig deep into his thoughts as he attempts to grasp the unnerving feelings that keep on coming back.



“Make It Home Alive” is a collaboration with Jake Isaac and it shifts the energy to a higher spectrum with its rich bass lines and punchy drums underpinned by their commanding vocal runs and inspirational lyrics that implore us to push through the hurdles, no matter how difficult it might seem. “Calloused Heart” starts with a soulful guitar riff that slowly rises as IAMTHELIVING’s sultry vocal runs come into play. Here, he reflects on finding that special someone whose love is undeniable and to fully experience this newfound love, he has to purge himself of the past and let go of the hurt. The verses explore the past leading up to the climatic chorus where he sings “Only you can soften my calloused heart/ Only you can give me the strength to restart“ before finding peace and renewed strength to fully welcome this new experience. The final track “Love So Divine” is a heartwarming display of vulnerability and emotions as IAMTHELIVING pours his heart on wax for that special someone in his life. Here, he pours adulations on his significant other and reassures and promises them that he will be their best lover through thick and thin.


Overall,  Nebra Sky, Pt. 1, is a cohesive body of work that captures the life and times of the artist known as IAMTHELIVING. From the love tunes, reflective and introspective ballads and unabashed display of vulnerability, the project delivers a cohesive narrative with a wide range of emotions that anyone can relate to.


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