Uprising Afropop singer/songwriter AJ Vergo shares his debut EP entitled Options. The 5 track body of work dwells on his own experiences with love and the many emotions that come with it.


“Amaka” is the first joint on the EP and it’s a vibrant and bright dance tune that is ripe with violin strings, pulsating bass-driven grooves and a mellow melodic performance from AJ Vergo. Here, he pours adulation on the mysterious lady named Amaka, whose sultry dances are turning his head upside down. His verses which are sung in pidgin English are filled with vivid descriptions of this seductive lady and he raises the ante on the mantra-like hook. “Che Che” is a mid-tempo dancehall-infused afropop jam ripe with a scenic pad and hypnotic groove. Once again, AJ gets vulnerable as he pours his heart out for that special someone and how she stands out from the rest of the ladies he has met. He adopts a playful flow on this tune and the chorus is filled with a repeated hook that listeners can easily follow.


“Cheryl Oh” starts with a rich guitar riff, a punchy dancehall-inspired groove and an overall warm pad that rises to a plateau in the chorus section. The track sees AJ abashedly admitting he is neck-deep in love with that special woman called Cheryl Oh and lines like “Yeah you be my love/ you be my one and only/When I look at you, the things you do dey make me go low” see him doing whatever he needs to be close to her. This is followed by the mellow “Favour Gbedu”, a solemn guitar-laden jam that is perfect for an evening lounge session with the boys. As the title says, it’s all about creating the right relaxing vibe so that everyone can join in and have fun. The final track “Jolina” strays from the rest of the tracks in terms of sound and feel. The beat is somewhat dark and moody but AJ’s carefree melodic flow still cuts through the mix. Here, the singer appeals to Jolina to give him a chance of a lifetime and he will change her life.


Overall, Options is a flavourful project with a focus on love, women and to a lesser degree partying. The beats are cohesive, well crafted and AJ’s songwriting sticks to a familiar lane without trying to go over board.



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