Monte Khan is a Nok (Nigeria) raised, London living rapper and lyricist from West Alkebulan (Africa) whose new record titled “10kg” caught our ears.  The budding rapper hopes to bring attention to his style of hip-hop which he calls Alke Rap. A sub-genre that focuses on Alkebulan’s history, culture, and politics. “10kg” sure hits hard with its dark, trap fusion energy and Khan’s precise flows displaying his versatility on all fronts.

Having read widely on the history of the Motherland and all her children, he hopes Alke Rap will become a sub-sect of hip-hop for the Alkebulan Diaspora that leads a movement towards Unity in Alkebulan, breaking the chains that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and suffering for all the children of the Motherland around the World. Living outside the Motherland, Khan’s music is the voice of the Diaspora, exploring their links to home, the effects the circumstances have on them and their role in fixing the problems they have there. As well as life in the diaspora as a dual citizen of Nok and the United Kingdom.

Monte Khan is currently working on his debut EP Afromental to be released in 2019 as well as ‘The Tape of Lost Verses’  to be released on his Soundcloud exclusively.

Get it on Apple Music // Youtube //Spotify

You can also donate to his movement via Kickstarter here.


Keep up with  Monté Khan | Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter:website : Instagram

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