MoneySign Hines just released his 11 track body of work titled  Cerebral Palsy Story. The project is a semi-autobiography of some sorts and sees Hines taking listeners deep into his life

From the intro track, he immerses us into the perspective of life in the hood and the craziness he had to go through. “CPS Part 2” is a somber and reflective track that reflects on the rapper’s journey in this thing called life. From being broke to inner troubles, he gives us both sides of the coin. “Nowadays” has a laidback, summer-tinged vibe and is a tale of how things have changed and in his own perspective, he has to find. away out of the never-ending cycle. He switches the energy up on “Bank It” over a boomy trap backdrop and gets into his go-getter mindset. “track (my name)” is another vivid account of his life away from the streets as he got older, he is wiser now and always making calculated moves.

The project sure packs a punch and shows Hines’ growth as a rapper and more importantly as a man. He gives the listeners nothing less than honesty from start to finish.


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