London, Kingsbury raised rapper MKHL makes his debut on TWIB with a lot of gusto and confidence in his recent release titled “By Myself.” The track has a hard-hitting backdrop courtesy of producer Illvminate while MKHL sits firmly in the pocket with his smooth flow and overall demeanor. He says he had to make the track to make a point to naysayers who may feel otherwise about his skills as an artist and regardless of what they may say he is poised to achieve his goals. Lastly, MKHL is totally hands-on when it comes to the music that he recorded, mixed and mastered the track all by himself.

He recently partnered with the Italian record label Afromartian and he is also an affiliate of  Scrape Squad and MAX. Both crews are now going together as RAW and have played venues across the states. MK has also cultivated an audience on Instagram known as the “Uchiha Gang” inspired by the anime “Naruto”. The UG community takes MK’s inspirations from anime displayed by songs like “kirin” and “Devil man” and has been known to randomly gain him major placement in the anime and HipHop social media community online

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