Montreal-based emcee Milla Thyme is not new to our site and on his new release “Lost Boys” he delivers a poignant and insightful message revolving around self-identity, peer pressure, and living with reckless abandon. Far from being preachy or condescending, Milla Thyme addresses the issue in a unique and somewhat palatable manner over a punchy trap backdrop. He implores listeners on how being trapped in the past and not evolving can lead to stunted growth and ultimately a dark path from where it’s difficult to return. The title is a play on the classic Peter Pan story and also serves as a cautionary tale for everyone.


The video is solid too, very cinematic, and captures the theme of the song perfectly. From the glitz and moody aesthetics and set pieces, viewers are thrown into a world where a young individual is slowly pressured into giving to the ways of the world. There are some motifs that run through the video such as the suggestive choreography, hazy visual effects, and dreamy vibes alluding to the state of mind that has lost it’s individuality.

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