Multi-talented rapper/engineer/poet Mike Mitch is not new to TWIB and has released more than a handful of collaborative singles over the years. Now he is back with his brand new project entitled Cultivator, a 13-track body of work that dives into an array of topics ranging from love, daily struggles and aspirational themes as well.


The project opens up with the laidback soulful tune “Ringling Brothers” featuring big.corazon. Here, both artists seamlessly trade bars in a two-the-hard way style and flex their verbal muscles with bars like “And this’s a heat check/now I’m balling I feel like waiting ‘em/Niggaz see me packing out stands, I need a stadium/What can you say to him, you see me working like a junkie/looking for my fix through the trailer like a honky”. Next up is “Snowfall” which is inspired by the classic show of the same name and features vivid lyricism from Mike with snippets of the aforementioned show. Mike and Venture Klan flow effortlessly over the scenic soundscape and drop us in the mix of action with their authoritative and commanding styles. Next up is “Sink or Swim(Real ones Exist), a chilled downtempo trap track ripe with emo-guitar licks and dark textures. Mike sure sounds at home on this and delivers a no-holds-barred bravado-laden performance.


“Timepiece Time Zone” has an R&B aesthetic and dreamy textures and sees Mike switching his style with a melody-laced chorus and peppers the track with his undeniable charismatic flow and vivid storytelling. Here, he breaks down his go-getter mentality and how he moves through the concrete jungle. This is followed by the skit “A Bunch Of Calls & things” and the playful club-inspired “Shot For Me” ripe with memorable hooks and easy-to-follow raps that implore the ladies to take it easy and feel the groovy vibes. On the sombre “It’s Not Personal”, Mike explores his journey and trajectory in the music game. He acknowledges the detractors and hurdles he had to jump over to reach his goals. He teams up with vocalist Cloetree on “Cold” for a duet that explores love gone bad and the ups and downs of relationships. The production has a laidback dancehall/Latin bounce peppered by slick guitar licks and dreamy textures. Mike sets the track with his sing-songy flow followed by Cloetree’s rich sultry melodic runs and together they sound perfect.



“PSA(MOVE)” features Charm Drew and I must say it’s a drastic departure from the previous tracks. It’’s energetic and one for the club with its jersey club and dance bounce and the chorus is reminiscent of Kanye’s “The New Work Out Plan”.The final track “I’m Ready to go” is an introspective piece made up of surreal and sublime textures and as the title says it’s a peaceful admission of going out with a bang. Mike’s chorus is whispered and mellow and contrasts his expressive verses.


Overall, The project is cohesive and the way Mike threads the tracks with the various radio skits is brilliant. That helps keep the storyline focused while the varied production style shows how versatile Mike Mitch can be and it won’t be fair to put him in one box as he pushes the envelope when it’s necessary.



Stream Cultivator on all DSPs here.

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