Mega Ran digs deep into his bag of chip tune goodies to unearth Your Favorite Song.  Built on a catchy backdrop, Your Favorite Song flows with a soulful and highly heartfelt aura that enhances the message Mega Ran is conveying. yes, it might be tongue in cheek but it’s beautifully expressed without being sappy or corny. The cut is Produced by Tunesmith by the way so hit the play button and dig in.

Pre-order Mega Ran’s album RNDM(which drops September 15, 2015.) HERE .

Teacher/Rapper/Hero Mega Ran, with an assist from his classic Famicom system, dreams of being a star with new track “Your Favorite Song.” Mega Ran’s new album RNDM is shaping up to be his most daring yet. On this new in-studio video, directed by Jaron Ikner, Ran digs into his bag of tricks for the track “Your Favorite Song,” a tongue in cheek, playful rap about the desire to be the best one-hit-wonder ever.

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