Masta Ace Disposable Arts is without question a Hip-Hop classic. In the second video from the “Kings of New York” series, Hip-Hop Kings present the Masta Ace Disposable Arts interview.
When Hip-Hop Kings owner Ryan Maxwell went to New York, Masta Ace was one of the first interviews conducted for The Kings of New York series. Masta Ace has recently re-issued  his classic album “Disposable Arts” as the physical went out of circulation. Masta Ace discusses the process behind the re-issue and talks about his favorite tracks from the record, along with the legendary “Take a Walk”.

Later on in the interview, Masta Ace talks about the new two-hour documentary which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album. Below System Records were responsible for making the re-issue and documentary happen, in partnership with Ace. If you haven’t seen the Masta Ace Disposable Arts documentary I highly recommend watching, as it’s a fantastic insight into the creation and history of the album.

Finally, the very last question confirms that Masta Ace is already working on a documentary of A Long Hot Summer and filming has began. Subscribe to the HHKMusic YouTube channel

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