As the Hip-Hop community mourns the passing of Sean Price and the tributes keep pouring it, we can’t but help spread the homage from around the globe. WIb stalwart Marvelous Mag does justice on this brief Bootcamp tribute to the man known by many monikers, Ppppppppppp aka Ruck aka Mic Tyson.

R.I.P Sean Price and do endeavour to lend a hand in the Duck Down organized fund raiser via Hit the page HERE and help support Sean Price’s family.

Marvelous explains to us that his entire style came from The Bootcamp, from the melodic hooks, to the Conversation style of rhyming, to being playful on adlibs, to always making a point when you lyrically speak even down to the beats he chooses. “Sean Price played a huge part in my life, in music, in my growth and understanding being from Brownsville.”

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