Marco Mello is a rapper and producer based in Berlin, whose style of rap fuses golden-age inspired beats with contemporary themes. He just put out a song titled Detroit to Berlin and this is what hip hop is supposed to sound like. Marco Mello expresses the catalyst for the song in these words:

“This song is about growing up in Detroit (where I lived as a teenager) and then having to watch the city deteriorate from a distance after my family moved to Europe. I draw parallels to my new home – Berlin – which has also had to hustle hard and reinvent itself many times over the decades.”

In the mid-1990’s Mello’s family moved from Germany to the US (Detroit, MI) where he first came into contact with rap music. The jazz-infused vibes of A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr’s street poetry, and the vivrant storytelling of Nas and Biggie captivated Mello’s imagination as a pre-teen. 25 years later classic hiphop, remains his musical safe-haven and the one genre he consistently revisits. All of these elements are very prevalent in Detroit to Berlin letting you know this is a cat that does the knowledge.  Marco Mello is about to put out his debut album “Back to Boom Bap”  and it will be available on June 19th.  You can stream the song on Soundcloud and Spotify while you wait on the LP. Marco Mello is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should you be interested in hitting up the man of the moment direct.

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