Once again,Manus Bell returns with a thought-provoking gem he calls “Legalize”. A record that talks about the legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis. The legalization of said substance has been a raging topic for years now with few countries/states backing the legalization process. With all the bad press it has gotten for decades, many are slowly changing their stance on the uncontrolled substance due to new studies and new policies that spring up every day.

For Manus Bell, his stance is that he uses it to stay calm and refuses to give in to the twisted image given to it by the media. According to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 53% of the Danish population advocates legalization of cannabis, while 27% disagree. However, cannabis is still illegal, which Bell believes is undemocratic. “The ban on cannabis has resulted in a large criminal market, which is currently escalating into violent gang activity. Innocent people are killed and the police still use enormous amounts of resources to catch and prosecute cannabis users who have not done anything wrong,” says Bell. According to him, research shows that the damage caused by cannabis can be compared to that caused by coffee or tea, and the rapper, therefore, believes that the greatest adverse effect on cannabis is the ban, “which is direct state aid for crime in Denmark”.


“Legalize” is the third release from Manus Bell’s upcoming album, “Brothers Over Business”. The song features the rap talent Kaser and is a call aimed at Danish politicians to legalize cannabis once and for all.

Stream it HERE.

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