Copenhagen based emcee Canna Man got us listening with his unique gruff vocals, dense lyrics, and love for hard-hitting boom-bap beats. While he has put out quite a number of projects in the past here we revisit “Clash With The Titans”off his 2017 album, The Art Of Invisibility, and a more recent release titled “Atshitshi.” Canna Man is the co-creator of the independent record label Camarilla Records.

The first cut “Clash With The Titans” is a smooth head-nodding cut ripe with a somber texture and excellent vocal cuts on the chorus. The track sees him working with fellow emcee Dark Matter and both emcees deliver solid performances as they dive into socio-political issues and how the system conditions us in some form or the other. The duo implores the listeners to rise up and arm themselves with the knowledge to be able to clash with the titans.

The track is taken from the 2017 album The Art Of Invisibility by Canna Man and Dark Matter.

The second track titled “Atshitshi” is a laidback soulful cut that also features Filuka and Kaser who deliver solid performances. The laidback groove and warm textures sure showcase a different side to the artists as they reflect on life and take time to recalibrate their inner energy.

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