I can’t tell you how much I am anticipating this. Man Of Booom is a hip-hop group of Figub Brazlevic – one of my favourite producers – Teknical Development and Juju Rogers and there’s no doubt what they’ve been tasked to do – take you ‘Back To The Booom’. Figub, from out of Germany, delivers only the best in that authentic boom bap sound, and Teknical Development remains one of the most interesting MCs you’ll come across. Juju Rogers I’m not all familiar with but he has a real dope vibe to him on this verse, and I’m looking forward to hearing him compliment Teknical well on this UK-US vocal tip. You can pre-order the album, which has both a digital and 12″ release set for the 21st of this month on Sichtexot, after the jump.

Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and JuJu Rogers are Man Of Booom – a three-headed body of music that has its roots in the golden era of honest and positive hiphop. The ‚Back To The Booom‘ LP brings listeners along on a redisco- very of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90‘s sound – its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a paral- lel universe where the fundamental focus lies on positivity and establishing human connections through musical creation. 
From the bedroom studio in Moabit, Berlin to the streets of London, ‚Back To The Booom‘ and bey- ond, Back To The Booom is a musical dedication to a culture and a state of mind that seemed to have been forever lost in the endless hallways of records companies and radio stations. – Man Of Booom brings it back. 

„Many musicians try to recreate and build on the old vibes of A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, or Pete Rock & CL, and while a lot of it sounds pretty good, this project is one of the dopest in recent memory. A full length 2xLP project will be drop- ping next month via the good people at Sichte- xot Records in Germany.“ – The Find Mag 

[wpsharely]Pre-order Man Of Booom: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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