Emerging producer Luckey got us engaged with his new single “Origin” which showcases his unique blend of lofi with experimental aesthetics. The track has a solemn and reflective feel, the synths are lush, the basslines coalesce perfectly with the drum grooves and the use of pitched vocal samples add a nice touch to the overall vibe.

“Origin” is Luckey’s debut single and he is planning on more music this year.

Luckey – Artist Biography

Luckey is the new project from composer Ryan Luckey, bridging the best of hip hop and dance grooves with transcendent melodies and rich soundscapes. His music is an attempt to express some of the magic of our existence on this planet, with all of its mystery and complexity. With an original improvisation-based approach to composition and harmony, his music resides somewhere in between genres, with clear influences from hip hop, bass, EDM, and pop. Clearly rooted in electronic music production, his music still retains an organic feel, which he attributes to his background in classical music, as well as his world travels during which he developed a love for world rhythms and melodies.


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