We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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GaryOAKland – “Palm Springs”


“Palm Springs” is the second single released off of GaryOAKland’s forthcoming album. The track is the perfect opener and has a soothing, melodic vibe that transports listeners to their individual happy place.







Farazi – “Mangal (Instrumental)”

Turkish producer Farazi gives us some alternative soulful boombap in the form of his new single “Mangal (Instrumental).” From the dreamy arps, warm Rhodes riffs, and horns, the result is a relaxing and nostalgia-inducing piece we all can rock with.

“Mangal” means BBQ in Turkish. The track is taken from the new instrumental album titled Alice’in Fabrikalar Diyarı (Instrumentals).



Pier 74 – “Colors”

“Colors” by Japanese producer Pier 74 is pure soulful lofi. From the atmospheric textures, angelic vocal synths and mellow grooves, he delivers a perfect beat to study to.


Funky Notes – “Wanderlust”

Funky Notes share new single “Wanderlust” which sees him fusing lush guitar riffs, solemn keys, and moody textures over sparse drums. It’s quite relaxing and reflective from start to finish.


Luckey – “Horizon”

Luckey‘s “Horizon” is a mellow track that blends orchestral sounds with bright pop elements and a steady drum groove to boot. The keys are lush and have a dreamy feel as well.




CaliCronk x Flapjaques – “Whispers”


CaliCronk and Flapjaques team up for “Whispers” a soothing solemn piece ripe with airy textures, vocal synths, and melancholic dark keys layered over soft drum grooves.


Ogi feel the Beat – “Zonder”


Ogi feel the Beat got something new in the form of this beat titled “Zonder.” He makes use of soft drums, moody sample chops, sparkling keys, and moody bass lines.


C Y G N – “Lose Her Way”


French producer C Y G N‘s new release “Lose Her Way” is a mellow chilled beat ripe with smooth guitar riffs, sublime sound design, and soft drums to complete the mission. It’s the opening track from the producer’s new album, LA BOHÈME, a 15 song offering that returns the French producer to his lofi roots.


bayamo. – “detach”


bayamo. shares his new single “detach” a genre-bending track that makes use of energetic drum breaks, and live guitars with dreamy atmospheric textures that blend into each other seamlessly. The single is taken from his EP “Slow is Fast.” EP arrives May 20 via Jakarta Records. Stream / Buy here.


The Hidden x Frances The Mute – “Florida”


“Florida” is a collaborative tune from UK producers The Hidden and Frances The Mute. The result is a chilled, nostalgia-inducing piece ripe with pulsating basslines, crisp guitar riffs, and mellow airy synths to boot.


Fever Deacon – “San Andreas Theme (Michael Hunter Cover)”


Fever Deacon‘s “San Andreas Theme (Michael Hunter Cover)” is a plethora of sounds that range from experimental trip-hop to west coast g-funk. So many elements to unpack here from the distorted synths, slick bells, and wobbly basslines.


hard.times – “Chicken Or The Egg”


Canadian producer hard.times drops an off-kilter and cinematic beat titled “Chicken Or The Egg ” on our playlist. He makes use of a laidback staggered drum groove with dark sounds and sparse sublime arrangements.


A. Kaiser Productions – “High Tides”


A. Kaiser Productions makes his entry on our site with “High Tides.” A chilled relaxing tune made up of crisp guitar riffs, somber textures, and crunchy live drums. There are quite a number of breakdowns and switch-ups which makes the beat very dynamic.



The Oth3rs – “Muddy Coherence”



The Oth3rs drops a smooth guitar-driven trap beat titled “Muddy Coherence.” It’s well crafted, crisp, and has quite a smooth texture to boot. It’s taken from Searching for S.U.C.H EP from the Oth3rs.


Tor Vik – “Hang On”


NYC-based producer and DJ Viktor Kristensen, better known as Tor Vik, makes his entry on our list with “Hang On” a hard-hitting piece ripe with cinematic synths, punchy trap drums, dub wobble bass, and vocal samples.


Terror Firma – “end of the times (where am i)”



Producer Terror Firma delivers a cinematic piece titled “end of the times (where am i)” ripe with classic drum breaks, off-kilter textures, and somewhat dark aesthetics as well. It’s taken from the lost ep of Dunedin.


Jomy – “Date Night”


Jomy‘s “Date Night” is a seamless fusion of lo-fi vibe with funky aesthetics. From the wobbly basslines, airy textures, and soft drum grooves, Jomy delivers something refreshing and heartwarming all at once.


Fifthstory Music – “More Palm Trees”

Fifthstory Music‘s latest release “More Palm Trees” is a soothing and reflective piece made up of crunchy drums, and solemn chopped-up samples and lush guitar licks that exude a nostalgic vibe. Its taken from his EP, Beats To Make Friends & Influence People.


Samael Senja – “Together”


Indonesian producer Samael Senja delivers this feel-good piece titled “Together” to our playlist. The record is a smooth bouncy guitar-laden beat ripe with dreamy and funky textures. The chorus is quite rousing and has a unique vibe to it.


DOWORK – “So Ready”


“So Ready” is the sophomore single from Netherlands-based production duo DOWORK and Spinal Twis. The anthemic single is ripe with cinematic textures, thick basslines, rising horns, and a solid drum groove. It’s taken from their forthcoming album The HEAT.

SoBe – “Snowy Walk”


Producer SoBe relaxes our minds with this reflective beat “Snowy Walk.” Which he says is inspired by walks in the snow somewhere in Vermont. He makes use of lush guitar plucks, warm keys, and pulsating basslines to create an overall soothing atmosphere for the ears.


Jonny Rythmns – “Brace Yourself”


Jonny Rythmns brings a different vibe with “Brace Yourself” a midtempo trippy tune that has sparse drum arrangements, west coast styled synths, and a moody texture to boot.


Production Beats – “Reservoir”


Portland, Oregon-based hip-hop factory Production Beats delivers this experimental beat titled “Reservoir” to our playlist. The track is cinematic and employs dark sounds from heavy metal and dub. It’s quite layered and gives off an urgent emotion as well.


Ogi feel the Beat – “Sax Underground”


Ogi feel the Beat is back with something new titled “Sax Underground.” A mellow emotive tune made up of somber textures, reflective sax arrangement, and punchy drums. It’s taken from his new 12 track EP MARTCH.




Big O – “Beautiful Sights”


Hardworking producer Big O closes out this week’s list with “Beautiful Sights” a reflective and solemn tune made up of atmospheric textures, crisp bells, and airy vocal synths. The track is made in support of the war-torn people in Ukraine and sales from it will be donated equally to two charity organizations to support people in Ukraine.

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