Chi-town genre-bending jazz band LowDown Brass Band shares the visuals for their new single “Be the One Tonight.” The upbeat party track takes elements from a handful of musical styles from jazz, r&b, and hip-hop and delivers the goods in copious amounts. From the punchy grooves, lively horns, and catchy melodic runs laced with slick rap verses, the track will surely keep the listeners locked in from start to finish. The visual has a lively and party atmosphere that captures the performance style of the band. It’s well crafted and engaging all the way.


The band also put out what they call  LowDown Mini Reels which are short song and visual ideas that range from 1-2 minutes in length. Whether an instrumental or full vocal performance, LowDown Mini Reels are meant to be thought provoking and straight to the point. LowDown Brass Band has scheduled the “Mini Reel” series for bi-weekly release via all DSP’s and Social Media through the first half of 2021 and will end with a 10 song mix-tape release on DST and limited vinyl (July 2). LowDown is excited to provide some sonic comfort food this winter and spring to its fans and active listeners. LowDown Reels Session LP Link | Chicago Reader | Groovin Modd Review | Glasse Factory | Vocalo Feature Artist

This series will carry LowDown Brass through the final months of the pandemic as they prepare to drop their next full-length record LowDown Nights, which is scheduled for release on November 13 2021. 

Get “Be the One Tonight” on Spotify.


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