Chicago-based rapper/producer Kid Static first broke through the industry with his debut album Have You Seen This Man? and later joined the hip-hop band The Cankles for several live performances. This was followed by a full-length collaboration and a live tour with producer Yea Big and he hasn’t looked back since. His latest release “A.B.O.” is an unapologetic statement about the state of the music industry and his disdain for all the underhanded practices that happen within it. Bolstered by a thumping drum groove and pulsating bass-driven cinematic soundscape, Kid Static brings verbal static to the powers that be with lines like

im a savage, i’ll stank up your attic, it’s nice to meet ya
arm & hammer, can’t clean up my grammar, just ask my teachers
try to clean it deeper, then me and the dirt will team up

im seeping out your pores, leaking out your doors
making people struggle to ignore, while they question your
obviously poor, hygiene, you can’t see it with visine

Where he calls out the dirtiness in the game to clean up the house and make things better in a destroy and rebuild type approach.




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