Multi-faceted singer/songwriter Lil Flower Nasti first caught our ears a while back with her off-beat and unique musical styles that range from retro jazz, and Motown-soul to the modern-day contemporary soul. After serving listeners with a couple of singles, Lil Flower Nasti returns with her full-length debut project entitled Sticky which is curated/produced by producer Gennessee. The 11-track body of work is the culmination of 2 years of labour that delivers an outstanding piece that helps capture Lil Flower Nasti’s distinct vocals over the soulful essence of a bygone era with a touch of contemporary aesthetics. The project also recruits the production talents of Daniel the D3 Cohen, singers Genevieve Goings and Cait La Dee and mix engineer Don Lo.

The title track “Sticky” is a solid opener and is introduced by blaring cinematic horns, punchy grooves and layered harmonies that soar to a crescendo as the track progresses. Here, Lil Flower Nasti explores the trappings of the game of love and how sticky it gets sometimes. This is followed by “My Chevrolet”, a rollicking guitar-driven Motown-pop jam that centers on blossoming puppy love between two lovers who have the ultimate giggles for one another. Next is the previously released single “Deja Vu”, a rousing Motown jazz/soul tune with a rich layered backdrop that forms the perfect canvas for Lil Flower Nasti’s commanding vocal runs. She sings with much authority as she implores a distressed soul to stand up to a toxic lover and find the strength to move on. “Sweet Love” is a mellow love ballad that explores heartbreak. Backed by a solemn and soulful piano arrangement and smooth bass-guitar-driven rhythm, Lil Flower Nasti shares a sad tale of betrayal as she sings “My homie said he seen you/It was at the movies/He said that you were holding hands/Walking with another man/And now I can’t believe it/Seeing what I’m seeing/How could you go and break my heart/Baby I don’t understandwhile “What’s Real (Interlude)” sets the tone for the upbeat “Bye Bye Boy” featuring Z-Man. The retro-tinged track is ripe with jazzy horns, soulful textures and a rousing drum groove underpinned by Lil Flower Nasti’s fiery vocal tone and unapologetic songwriting about an ex who refuses to give up after the fact. SF emcee Z-Man comes in on the third verse and plays the meddling ex and adds a perspective from the other side. The track is also bolstered by Genevieve Goings‘s soothing backing vocals, the playful arrangement by Daniel Cohen and the rest of the Bay area team who worked tirelessly to deliver this anthemic goodbye message to the ex.


The fun continues with the playful “Dusty Road” and introspective “Do Anything”. The former centers on self-discovery and awareness as we follow Lil Flower Nasti across no man’s land while the latter embodies her inner strength after going through a breakdown and achieving triumph as she sings “Yeah I’m flexing, started at the bottom now I’m sitting at the top of the world”. “Wonder Woman” is a smooth soulful cut that sees Lil Flower Nasti cruising down the sunny streets of San Fran in her Chevy and encountering different characters along the way. The final track“Glow Up” is an energetic rock-soul piece that serves as the perfect anthem for everyone who recognizes their worth and has fully embraced their true selves. Lil Flower Nasti embodies her true spirit and reminds everyone that she should not be misconstrued any further and this “Glow Up” is everlasting. Overall this “Glow Up” song is your invitation to embrace your journey of evolution and bask in the radiant vibes that this collaboration brings.


Sticky is undoubtedly a brilliant effort to capture the past with a modern perspective without being hackneyed. The production is consistent, rich, and gripping and Lil Flower Nasti’s powerful vocals are undeniably the focal point of it all. The overall concept and storytelling add to the distinctive feel.

She will be having a grand release show in San Francisco’s North Beach at Tupelo’s first friday.

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