BC-raised singer/songwriter Chlz is a trained classical musician with a musical theatre background who grew up in a household surrounded by different musical styles. Since bursting into the scene in 2021 with her self-titled EP, she has continued to thrill audiences with her infused music that incorporates her unique vocal style and layered offbeat soundscapes. Her latest release titled IV, is a 4 track collaboration with producer KYU and serves as a melting pot of genres ranging from jazz, musical theatre, rock, and R&B, to soul with each track representing the natural elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

The project opens up with the pulsating plucks of “Fire” which is introduced by rich sultry vocal runs that rise to a crescendo as the song builds up into a frenzy. Akin to the element it’s titled after, Chlz personifies the fiery spirit of oft-maligned dark feminine energy whose every touch sparks up inner passion and sensual rage. Over the punctuated jazz-infused rhythms, soaring pads and organs, Chlz draws listeners in with her entrancing melodies and lines like “If you come too close, you might get burnt, so don’t” warning us of the outcome of attempting to mess about with natural femininity. This is followed by the track “Breathing” which alludes to the element of air. This starts with a deep breath, rich pulsating bass-driven textures and Chlz’s sultry melodic runs. Here she implores listeners to let go of their troubles and pent-up anger by breathing it away and focusing on attaining freedom as she sings “I know the heart heals in time so with the breeze, I align”. The track is bolstered by its uplifting theme, rising chords and dynamic production.


On “Too Deep”, Chlz takes us into the depths of the love ocean with a unique take on emotional stability with that special someone who is always there to support them. The pop-infused production has a rich synth-pad arrangement with lush guitar plucks and a smooth drum groove underpinned by Chlz’s heartfelt performance. It sure lives up to its title as we get to feel her vulnerability as she seeks the comfort of her lover who has her drowning in their arms. The final track is poetic as it takes us back to Earth with its warm and nostalgia-inducing aesthetic. The track “Back To You” sees Chlz paying homage to her childhood and and how the music she grew up listening to helped anchor her spirit. She takes listeners through a relatable love journey where one gets lost in the mix but that inbuilt guiding compass helps return to her one true love. It’s a brilliant way to end as listeners get a full-circle view of what makes Chlz tick as she goes through the motions of finding her true self even within this unquenchable love.  Producer KYU also joins her with a smooth melodic performance eon the second verse.


IV sure lives up to its theme that centers around the elements of nature and human emotions. The production style is varied, consistent and well-crafted while Chlz’s vocal performance is prevalent and emotionally punchy from start to finish.



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