Multi-talented Welsh artist, producer, and writer L E M F R E C K share the visuals for his new single “RED HOT”, a thoughtful and bravado-laden track that showcases his production, songwriting, and directing skills. The self-produced beat is moody and punchy, it’s ripe with thick pulsating basslines, and punchy drums that will surely make your speakers pump. L E M F R E C K  leads the charge with his laidback unassuming flow and descriptive lyrics that dive into how overzealous the feds can be at times and how he moves silently without being detected. This is followed by emcee MacOsare who delivers energetic performance and adds his own thoughts on the matter at hand.

The self-directed visuals blend performance shots of both rappers and the use of engaging cinematic shots and angles.


L E M F R E C K is a UK Urban Artist who was named on BBC INTRODUCING’s ONES TO WATCH 2021. He is a producer who started working his way from the pirate Grime scene in Bristol and Wales and is slowly rising up the ranks.

Stream “RED HOT” on Spotify.

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