Fresh from Kyle Rapps is the Belief laced ‘Where We Go’. A multi layered, boom bapish backdrop where Kyle Rapps gives us an insight into his mind state, upbringing and everything related. A very touching piece if I may add.

Quote that did it for me : “I had to move to Purgatory just to get the hell out…”

It’s been said that where you come from is irrelevant to where you’re going. The turmoil and disadvantages one may encounter are simply a challenge which only makes you stronger in the end. But when you’ve lived a life like Kyle Rapps has lived, you learn to appreciate the good with the bad. “Where We Go” plays out like a reflection of the Harlem by way New Jersey emcee’s existence, detailing his inner demons and future ambitions over Belief’s chilled out Boom bap. Amongst the potent bars, Rapps achieves an inner clarity and gives us a lesson in living everyday like it’s our last. Give “Where We Go” a listen and be on the lookout for more from Kyle Rapps.

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