Kosha Dillz teams up with Kyle Rapps and producer J57 for this smooth, bouncy track titled Chump Change. While we have heard emcees brag about humongous amounts of money for forever, these two opt for an entirely different route. The motto is being prudent and smart when it comes to the cheddar. Like KD says at the end of his verse… “…Don’t mess with the honey if she’s trying to put your money to sleep..” Stay woke peoples.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Financially conscious emcees Kosha Dillz and Kyle Rapps discuss the factors of good saving, good spending, and what constitutes large amounts of money. The J 57 boom bap track is suitably titled “Chump change.”
This is a a freebie, and a pre-cursor to much more music coming from all three. KD’s “What i do all day and Pickle” album comes out late May Early June. Kyle Rapps is currently working on his next project in Mexico City, while J57 is currently being a Brown Bag All Star in NYC.

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