Over a year ago, KXNG Crooked released a manifesto in the form of Good Vs Evil.  This was in part motivated and then in defiance of Donald Trump being president especially with the divisive methods and tactics employed to achieve that feat. The Donald Trump era has borne witness to fake news, championing racism, bigotry, separatism, sexism and a general contempt for rule of law.  Further, he continues his quest to eradicate the health care of millions, advocated a foreign government meddling in an election, diminished our standing in the International community and displayed more concern about the behaviour of NFL football players; than he has for the well-being of the citizens he is sworn to uphold.

Thankfully, KXNG Crooked’s Good Vs Evil 2: The Red Empire picks up right where its predecessor left off. On the surface, Good Vs Evil 2 is the epitome of woke; a politically and socially conscious decree that demands to be heard and processed.  At its core, it’s designed to be the theme music that Colin Kaepernick and a generation can proudly kneel to. MAGA (Make America Great Again) is the slogan employed by Donald Trump and his campaign train to peddle his many hurtful Agenda but Crooked’s single “The MAGA Continues” off the Good Vs Evil 2: The Red Empire, examines the other side of the catchphrase that the 45th President used as his campaign slogan; one that has further empowered law enforcement that “used to kill us in the dark, now they just do it in the light.”

Just like any good leader, the Slaughterhouse emcee isn’t afraid to rock the boat if a culture change is in order, especially those who have the platform to affect change, but lack the fortitude to do so; and he is more than willing to sacrifice Jason Whitlock for Gregg Popovich. Kxng Crooked’s Good Vs Evil 2: The Red Empire is now available for pre-order at iTunes and will hit stores and streaming sites early December so you know what to do. Here is the track list for the project so you know whats good:


  1. ‘Wake Up Show Intro’ f/ Sway & King Tech
  2. ‘The MAGA Continues’ (Produced By Lavish)
  3. ‘Red Hood’s Plot’ (Hahahaha)  (Produced By Lavish)
  4. ‘GiveUDatHammer’ (Produced By Aktive)
  5. ‘Revolution Come’ f/ Jai (Produced By Snaz)
  6. ‘Truth’ (Why You Mad) f/ Royce 5’9”(Produced By C-Wash)
  7. ‘Shoot Back 2’ (Dear Officer)  (Produced By Jay Wash)
  8. ‘Adderall Addicts’ (Produced By C-Wash)
  9. ‘Cowboy Bebop’ (Produced By Illeagle)
  10. ‘Thug Poetry’ f/ Jay Townsend (Produced By Snaz)
  11. ‘City Lights’ (Produced By ENG)
  12. ‘Brainwashed Ni666a’ (Produced By Audio Jones)
  13. ‘Stand’ f/ Styles P & Emanny (Produced By Lavish)
  14. ‘Mace Windu’ (Produced By MR Authentic)
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