Up and coming indie artist Derick Knox has more than just words for the wise on his new song titled “Angel Wings”. A song he crafted using the story of Icarus from Greek Mythology. Not to worry, he carefully paints the picture from another perspective though so no need to head on to the library to fully get the message.  In the song he parallels himself to Icarus in saying that his gift in lyricism, in excess could be his downfall. The more complex the writing becomes, the less people will understand him. While that thought used to haunt him, he came to the realization that no two people will experience a song the same way. Hit the play button and get familiar.


‘Angel Wings’ is the 7th song off of Derick Knox’s debut project, ‘Derick Knox LP’ released on 11/19/2017.


‘Derick Knox LP’- hyperurl.co/DerickKnoxLP



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