Dallas/Tx up & comer KoolQuise reached out with his latest mixtape “The Life & Tmes of AC Slater” very dope work here, nice selection of beats, full of originality,  laid back vibes and dope hooks. Highly recommend you all to check this one (more tracks after the jump….)

KoolQuise – Death Kwon Do ft. -topic prod. -topic

KoolQuise – Crazy(VibeOut) Prod. J Dilla

KoolQuise – What Dreams May Come prod. Ichiro

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[viral-lock]DOWNLOAD ON BANDCAMP —–> http://kool-quise.bandcamp.com/album/the-life-times-of-ac-slater[/viral-lock]

About KoolQuise

KoolQuise is exactly what his name depicts, Cool. Being born in Dallas, Tx but raised all over Texas has given him the nonchalant demeanor which contributes to his to his chill and laid back style of music. With dreams of playing football professionally he never would’ve guessed he’d want to pursue a career in music seriously.  He began making music as a senior in High School but has always been a great writer writing short stories and comic book story lines. Musically he prides himself on being a “Hip Hop Head” listening to an array of artists from BlackMoon to The Clipse. Biggie being his favorite artist Ready to Die is his favorite album and most influential to him as a hip hopper. He has released two solo projects in his 23 years of living.

About The Life & Times of AC Slater

The Life & Times of AC Slater is a mixtape that consists of laid back deep thoughts of your everyday hip hop head. I wanted to share with the world some chill music because I feel there isn’t enough of it within the world of hip hop as far as new artists are concerned. I began working on this project in 2010 but as it progressed so did I so it took a while for its release. Production on the mixtape consists of producers I’ve found on bandcamp and producers I know such as T Hall of the Necksnappers, BMB aka Spacekid, OffBeatKid, Native Sun, Professa, Teebs, Flying Lotus, -topic and J Dilla. With this tape I want everybody to relax and enjoy good music.

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