From Chile to Germany… Ladies and Gentlemen may i present the anticipated album from Chilean composer “Brous One”.. 14 heat rocks of that brand new.. If you are not taking action onto having a listen to this you are already asleep.. The beats constructed on “Un Momento En El Tiempo”.. A moment in time illustrates and paints audio peace..Hit the jump for more in depth info.. Knock these jams properly and support!..ghea!

This is but a moment in time, a moment full of emotions, stories, friends, experiences … high and low.
I dedicate this album to the two people who are my main source of inspiration: Jacqueline and Alexandra.
Thank my closest friends, for their constant support and good times shared: Monica, Kurt, Chris, Dennis and Diego G.
Special thanks to Joseph Eckholt (NueveDoz) for the dedication at work mixing of this piece, Herbert Elch for their dedication in the graphics area and Pütz for his great help in mastering the album.
Greetings and respect to: Vincent, Rodrigo, Matiah Chinaski, Mantoi, Tobias (and the whole staff Digital Vinyl), Martinez, Steph, Zecker, Hulk Hodn, C: Mone, Niko Soprano, Vätsch (Fatma, Ayse, Vec), Fleur Earth, Beatvadda, Wun Two, Personal Seal, Victor Frayz and for some reason I remain in the pipeline …

-VIA Bandcamp

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