Kool Keith brings his super powers to bear on this track doubling as emcee and producer but the most fascinating part to this track is the presence of enigmatic and legendary MF DOOM. These two practically enact a Super Hero meeting with their poetic gift. You would wish you were a super hero and there was an actual super heroes convention after listening to this. Kool Keith says he’s from a place where X-Men are drinking tea watching chicks with D-cups eating shrimps, Swanson frozen duck dinners, driving  monster truck Lamborghinis. Doom adds that he flew in through Tulsa to a dimension right on time for the Heroes Hustlers convention. Now tell me you don’t want to be in this world. The video is animated with astronaut GIFs, Elvis wigs and DOOM masks. That takes the imagination to another plane entirely. You’ve got to watch the video and understand where I’m coming from.

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