The legendary emcee Kool Keith  and eclectic producer Haji Outlaw are back with two singles “Sporty Nights (Uber Eats)” and “Kool Kriminal”. The tracks are a mix of obscure vocal samples, eerie textures and off-kilter vibes in their totality. “Kool Kriminal” is sparsely arranged and made up of soft piano riffs and several vocal snippets from obscure sci-fi/horror/adventure films. Kool Keith is in his element as usual and reminds us why he is the OG with lines like “Listen your top 5 moving bowels for Hershey chocolate kisses/Many rapping like an old lady in the window who don’t mind their business“. The second track “Sporty Nights (Uber Eats)”is a deep course into Kool Keith’s dark mind as the rapper delivers a gripping and vivid performance over Hajj Outlaw’s soulful soundscape.

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