Rising Liverpool-based rapper/songwriter KOJ appeared on the scene with his debut single “Blue Notes“, a bluesy-infused hard-hitting track with mood-shifting textures and fiery raps from the emcee. Since then, he recruited longtime collaborator Jaekbob and hit several festivals from Boomtown to Kendal Calling, while releasing music with Manchester Hip-Hop collective The Mouse Outfit. Presently, KOJ has started working on a forthcoming EP entitled VILLAIN WITH A CONSCIENCE, but in the interim, he is sharing with us the single “A REMINDER”, a vocal sample-driven cut provided by producers MD and TEE. The duo lace KOJ with a blend of reflective textures layered over punchy and pounding drum grooves as the rapper runs through some childhood memories that helped shape him. Armed with his stylish and expressive flow, KOJ takes us down memory lane right back to the present with vivid lyricism and a touch of nostalgia and bravado while reminding audiences that he is still in his prime. In a nutshell, he adds “I may have taken a short hiatus, but I’m still THAT GUY!”


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