Rising Buffalo, New York-born singer/songwriter Nick Reding is a man who was many hats with an impressive musical repertoire that ranges from Blues, and Neo-soul to Reggae and Jazz. With the guitar being his primary instrument of choice, Nick has been able to work in the Buffalo music scene with up-and-coming musicians and many collaborative projects with other artists including being a member of a trio before embarking on a solo musical career.

His latest release “All About You” is a reflective and sombre tune that explores adversity and coming to terms with one’s predicament but from the perspective of a tree. Inspired by his new passion of tapping maple trees for syrup, Nick looks at the world from the lofty heights of a tree with lines like

Got a little height on you
Won’t stop you from taking my food

Seasons will come and go
Losing leaves faster than the branches grow
Faster than the branches grow
Seasons will come and go

Bolstered by warm guitar riffs, dark haunting pads and a mellow drum groove, Nick delivers a relatable story of the cycle of life that audiences can relate to even if it’s not directly.


For those not in the know, Nick has won Buffalo’s 2017 Original Singer-Songwriter Competition and he is a self-taught musician and producer, wielding talent in recording and composition.



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