Rising UK/Ghanaian rapper/producer/songwriter Kofi Kente shares with us his new project entitled Purple Child Blues. The 8-track body of work is a culmination of work between him and producer DVRKXKNGHT and themes focus on his own experiences as a young black man trying to find his footing in South London.
“covered in blood” sets the tone with its reflective and heartfelt themes that center around the coming of age of a young black man. Over a Gospel-tinged soundscape and punchy drums, Kofi shares with us his candid thoughts and his life experiences. Lines like “Your best friend’s a snake and your girl will betray you when money is involved cos everyone lie/I couldn’t care less because everyone dies/No matter your fantasies, everyone’s equal, this life’s a movie and there’s no sequel”. This is followed by “3”, made up of a sublime vocal sample and dreamy piano riff and thumping 808 driven drum groove. Here, Kofi goes on the never-ending soul-searching as he aspires to reach his goals despite the hurdles ahead of him. He acknowledges how hard it can be and he reminds himself “You said you’d never stop until we-bring the man dem in” and follows up with the assertive lines“Broken promises are for bitches/I gotta keep my word, never quitting/Gotta get paid for every single day that we slaved away”. On “asthma”, Kofi gets into his bravado mindset and shows irreverence for the system and the detractors who try to get him off his trajectory. He doesn’t relent and throws jabs at the naysayers while reminding listeners that he is more than capable of following through with his plans. From setting to accomplishing goals to bringing his brethren into the fold, Kofi breezes through the game as if he got a cheat code.

On “too slow” he teams up with vocalist K Soul and together they deliver this sublime afrobeats-infused love jam that blends West African elements with contemporary afropop. Over the deep bassline and undeniable percussion-driven groove, K Soul leads the charge with her sultry melodic runs. Kofi also comes through with his distinct melody-infused raps that dwell on keeping his partner satisfied. The guitar-driven “lifeguard” continues Kofi’s love theme run as he once again brings forth his melodic side. The track has a summer vibe and sees the rapper pontificating on that special someone who he has his eyes on.



“anno domini” sets off the later part of the project with its dark synths, moody pads and snapping trap drums. Here, Kofi addresses some issues that have been plaguing him, from the never-ending life cycle of struggles, faltering faith and the desire to be successful. He shows resilience with lines like“Came from a broken home like Pinnochio, I was willing to lie for this/I was willing to die for this/ Are You willing to die” but doesn’t shy away from his inner troubles with lines like “My mind’s so clear but I still hear demons on the radio”. “don’t lie to me” makes use of a playful synth lead-driven bouncy groove and follows Kofi’s experiences as love between him and a lady blossoms. Here, he doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable with matters of the heart. The final track “purple lights” is an autobiography of some sort as Kofi details his past life and how his immediate environment affected him for better or worse. From lacking purpose, running the streets like a wild child to developing knowledge of self and patterning up.


Overall Purple Child Blues offers listeners a range of sounds and styles that bridge Kofi’s West African roots with UK hip-hop and R&B aesthetics. Lyrically, he surely holds his own and easily crafts heartfelt and relatable songs and his ability to be vulnerable and sincere is an added plus.




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