Rising London-based singer/songwriter/poet Jjacqz is bridging the worlds of R&B, afrobeats and poetry. On her latest release Dolcè, a 2 track body of work, she brings those different genres into a single plane to create deep, and sensual pieces that dive into love and sensuality.


“4:44am” is a soul-stirring piece that sees Jjacqz showcasing her mastery of words mixed with rich elocution, emotions and unfiltered passion. She digs deep into the essence of love and shows how it’s more than a word but rather a verb that must be acted or performed. Backed by the solemn and cinematic backdrop provided by OluwaJBeats and K Soul, she delivers vivid and engaging lines like Destructive but in love when the wind blows creating a wild forest fire, in love how the eagle takes flight, in love how the veins pump bloodbefore closing out the track with airy and haunting melodic runs. Next up is “4:44pm” which sees her teaming again with OluwaJBeats with extra vocals from Nur, and guitarist Y.A.W. The song is a graphic description of a sensual moment between her and her partner. I won’t necessarily call it explicit but rather it’s a poetic illustration of how two people in love can become one through the act of sex. Jjacqz takes listeners right into the mix of the steamy session and feeds us with every single detail of the act from start to finish. OluwaJBeats’s rich guitar plucks and atmospheric pads all form the perfect backdrop as the sultry vocals come into play at the end to complete the job.


Dolcè is a short but cohesive and enthralling project that will change the way you feel about spoken word.




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