Kemba returns with a profound outlook on his environment with the contemplative track titled “Kill Your Idols.” Over a mellow, reflective backdrop, Kemba vents his frustrations at society’s limitations and challenges he has to face. Far from being downtrodden, he uses the track as an outlet while he tries to make sense of the craziness around him. He further explains that he is expressing his frustrations with the industry, family, law enforcement, etc in a way that hopefully feels like a sigh of relief to him and to whoever is listening.

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Following years of labels, media, and fans confining the versatile, multi-faceted artist into a box, the rapper decided to part ways with his original namesake YC The Cynic. Choosing a title that reflects his youth, strength and African heritage – Kemba was born. Articulating love, heartache and loss into his craft, the young artist has finally found a cathartic platform to articulate his personal experiences. After performing on stage with Kendrick Lamar, production duo Brasstracks (Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem”) were instantly impressed with his unique style, eventually working with him across his recent LP release Gilda.


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