All-Star Opera is a 6 piece Seattle-based Hip Hop / Soul band who makes their entry on our site with their new single “Pupa.” Lead by 2 emcees (one of which plays the trumpet), drums, bass, guitar, and keys,  the band is pushing the envelope with their style of experimental soul-infused hip-hop.

“Pupa” is a prime example of the varied styles the band has to offer and they sure delivered the goods with a lush soundscape built on layered dreamy textures and mellow drums. The emcees take us deep into the world of All Star Opera. where the unpredictable occurs.

“Pupa” is the band’s first single in 2020 and it’s their first record producing/writing with bass player Kirk Huffman who has produced for Portugal. The Man, leads Real Don Music, led Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Wild Orchid Children and more.

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