The title is already enough to being registering thoughts regarding this piece of work, but I say it goes deeper than the title itself. Karega Bailey is a spoken word artist and educator I came across recently and I must say he brings something a little extra to the genre. A blend of street smarts, spirituality and socio-political undertones, Karega – for me – is able to keep your mind engulfed and absorbed by painting vivid pictures with his style of spoken word. The ode For Black Males Who’ve Considered Homicide When They’ve Lost Someone They Love takes the listener into the innermost regions of an individual at the end of his tether, an individual contemplating vengeance in the wake of the demise of his fellow brother. Backed by a haunting piano riff and broody soulful vocals which only helps intensify the urgency in the message, we get to hear and see the proverbial struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, and the grey areas that lie in between.

“…I want us all to abandon our comfort/ And remember we are just one bullet away from being a hashtag…”

Food for thought.

You should also check out his other video Peace King ft. Khemist & King Keon  HERE

Music by MarkNoxx and Back Ground Vocal by Brittany Tanner


If you’re not familiar with Karega Bailey, get to know him. The Washington D.C.-based artist/educator is next in line among the most powerful, influential and politically minded emcees of our generation. As a teacher by day, and spoken word poet/emcee by night, Bailey has been tireless in campaigning his message of hope. An award-winning poet, Bailey has devoted his life to sharing words that move people for positive change. Combined with soulful Hip-Hop production that features many of his like-minded peers, his mBut yusic offers something positive for everyone.

In light of his older brother’s senseless murder, Karega is pleased to present the visuals for his spoken ode, “For Black Males Who’ve Considered Homicide When They’ve Lost Someone They Love.” One listen will shed light on Bailey’s character, and how he aims to empower our youth to act with strength and wisdom, over vengeance and retribution. Karega’ is also pleased to offer an additional visual installment for his song “Peace King,” which serves as the title track from his forthcoming LP of the same title, which is set to drop on January 26, 2015. The hard-hitting track lures you in from the first word and doesn’t let up. “I hope my music is a soundtrack to hope restoration,” Bailey says. “I call it ‘rhythm restoring hope,’ but in order to do so, I have to tell some ugly truths,” he concludes.


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