Michael Shaye’s take on the classic whodini ‘Friends’ line ventures into a broody territory. The Philly native places emphasis on sour dealings with so called friends and associates, calling any and everyone out on the hard hitting song.

The moral of this story is “Watch those close to you”

Tune in and get with the program

Snakes are bad for any business, especially in the music game. Everyone needs some people around them to stay grounded when they’re trying to remain focused on their work, but sometimes greed and jealousy have a way of turning those’friends’ against you. For those of you who are questioning the validity of your team, and whether or not they’re trying to oust you, check out “Friends,” the latest from Michael Shaye. Hailing from a small neighborhood just outside of Southwest Philly, Meazyy has managed to pack a ton of experiences in a short amount of time. Growing up in family surrounded by singers and musicians has allowed him to discover music as something more than just a past time. But after a nasty injury that derailed his chances of pursuing sports full time, Shaye put his focus back into the music and giving us
“Friends” in the process.

Devoid of your typical “money, clothes, and females” type of rap, Meazyy has never been one to front about living a life that he doesn’t truly represent. This reflects in the video, as the rapper opts for a number of shots that bounce between light and dark to show how quickly things can turn sour; coupled with some chilling graveyard shots, the visuals accentuate what could happen if things get out of control. “Friends” is featured on Michael Shaye’s forthcoming project Lyrics of a Lost Mind, which is set to drop January 20th…stay tuned!

Directed by Y$K$K

MP3 Download (Free): http://bit.ly/1tKZ13b

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