Kara Juelz is new to me, hailing from Los Angeles, California but originally from New Orleans. Been a while since a decent chic grabbed the mic without trying to use that sex jinx on us. Interestingly, she is not just a rapper but also an audio engineer too. I guess it is safe to say she is trying to get her sound right. This video, On & On Remix, is pretty decent and very simple plus it is straight to the point. The backing track originally credited to a song with the same name, done by Erykah Badu, is a winner any day with me. The Soul genre always manages to calm the mind. Kara Juelz is a pretty face and she has got the brains to support it. The flow is alright but there is a bit of a throw-off but it doesn’t spoil the overall outcome of the song. Definitely, she is promising and will get better. Kara Juelz is working on a mixtape titled Pay Homage #TBTMixtape Series: 1990’s Female Edition. I can only imagine what other 90’s soundtrack she is going to bring back in her compilation. Check it out 

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