Now you know the homeboy Reyshizz isn’t a newbie to the bond. We have been holding him down for a while now not because we have to but because he has managed to keep it thorough when he drops tracks and slings it our way. You can definitely tell that the hustle is hard out there for an independent artist and Reyshizz is doing all he can to make sure you hear him. The Irvington, New Jersey native throws us this new track and the boom bap got my attention especially with the hard hitting kicks. The video is not so great because all you see is the same thing for four minutes straight. I would assume this is just a promo video and the real one will be out soon. You are better off just listening than watching. Still, one time for the man Reyshizz for showing us that he is a Psychopath when he hits the mic in the booth.

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