The legendary producer DJ Premier has stepped up to the plate to remix Kanye West’s track “I Love Kanye”.

Earlier this month Kanye West released his hotly anticipated album entitled The Life of Pablo. If you have listened to the rappers latest album then you’ve surely heard the a cappella track “I Love Kanye” which finds Kanye poking fun at his fans who oftentimes complain about and compare the old Kanye with the new Kanye. Its certainly one of the bright spots on The Life of Pablo and fortunately for us, DJ Premier seems to think so as well. The Gang Starr legend took the a cappella “I Love Kanye” and added a gritty backdrop for our listening pleasures. While the original version of the track came off as playful and fun, DJ Premier found a way to make this sound dusty and rude with his signature sound of hard hitting drums and scratches that always delight. Hit play and enjoy this dope remix of Kanye West’s “I love Kanye” track!

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