Rising hiphop artist Ju$t Tha Realne$$ shares with us his new album Withdraw From Failure. The 15-track project follows the tale of a fatherless boy becoming a man in the streets of New York To Down South and The West Coast. Over engaging and cinematic soundscapes, Ju$t Tha Realne$$ gives audiences a glimpse into his life, the ups, downs, losses and wins while combing through different events and life experiences that shaped him.


Withdraw From Failure starts with “Lansky Movie(intro) taken from the film and sets the tone for what is to come as we see the humble beginning of a young man who finds solace in the streets and becomes streetwise. This is followed by the heartfelt “Hate Jermaine” where he reflects on his late dad who unfortunately wasn’t there for most of his life, here he pens an unapologetic letter to his father and shows him how he survived through the hard times without a father figure. This is followed by “Fuck The Police 2k2” inspired by the classic NWA song but with a modern twist. It is introduced by a legendary clip from the late activist Fred Hampton before it switches into a dark and haunting backdrop underpinned by Ju$t’s no-holds-barred lyrics where he sends some jabs towards the police and their overzealous and corrupt activities, especially towards minority groups. On “Wake Up N Get It(Dirty South Remix)”  Ju$t teams up with Mac Lou for a rumbling trap revamp of his song and on “Let’s Get Lit 2Nite” he brings back Mac Lou and Queen Sentira for a sparse club banger that takes us to the dancefloor. The lyrics are vivid and we follow the trio as they go out to get lit and have fun while shunning any form of negativity.


On “Ignite” featuring singer Dyna Edyne, Ju$t taps the production skills of DJ Pain who crafts a cinematic and punchy backdrop for the rapper to stand on business with hard-hitting raps. Next is “lies in front of your eyes (Germany Remix), a rousing and energetic track that is underpinned by Ju$t’s focus on real-time issues that cover social issues affecting the masses. He reminds us to be aware and not put our trust in the government and the corporations who feed off the culture without putting it back into the culture. On the soulful “For Granted”, he teams up with singer Dajerae and together they deliver a heartfelt and reflective piece that follows the genesis and breakdown of love between two individuals. In the sombre “No L.O.V.E”, the rapper talks about the lack of love in these mean streets and how it affects everyone’s psyche but instead, he implores us to not give in to the craziness and do better as a people to break the cycle of negativity and ignorance. The social commentary continues in the track “The Struggle Is Real” where he drops lines like “In the hood, we gotta get it together/killing each other is not gonna make it better/I’m fed up with the system that is trying to kill us” as he reflects on the dark side of the hood and the hapless people trapped in the oppression perpetrated by the powers that be.


The project closes out with “Don’t Wanna Wait Till Tomorrow” a soulful and heartfelt track that shows pure vulnerability from Ju$t. He pours his heart on wax and waxes lyrical about that special someone who has caught his eye. He pours adulations and promises her that he will always cherish her from now till forever.  The project is capped by “Pop’s Last Words(Outro)” where his father has the last words in a literal sense as he died after an hour the message was sent. Here, Ju$t’s dad apologizes for not being there and also a farewell message to the rest of his family and loved ones.


Overall, Withdraw From Failure, is a superb mix of real-life tales, and experiences and shows the growth of the man called Ju$t Tha Realne$$. The rapper sure gives a solid performance ripe with passion, and vulnerability with well-crafted storytelling skills and the result is brilliant.




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