North East rap duo, RuMaz made up of  90BRO and Max Gavins was formed in 2018 and released their acclaimed album Songs In The Key of Hype in 2022 alongside a handful of singles. Their latest release titled “Oh Aye [0.I]” is a soulful and reflective cut that digs deep into how life changes over time and the process of dealing with emotional trauma. Over a classic vocal sample and sombre piano riffs, the duo brings the much-needed emotional element to rap with heartfelt lines like

And now some of them act like I was never even part of it
Gave them the starter kit, for some that’s only half of it
But who am I to judge? No, I fucked up, now I adjust
I am just, bitter but I’m trying to be better
Sitting in a flat but want an island by September
Same place but its changed from how I remember

The relatable element is prevalent as they take listeners along for the journey. The song also comes with a music video directed by Oliver Whitehouse who uses performance shots, landscape clips and retro clips to create a palette of varying emotions.




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