Junclassic is back on top of things with this new project, with Dj Bazooka Joe at the boards. I must say that I haven’t heard anything from him in a while (even though this is his 8th full length) so I reckon I have been a bit out of touch and whatnot. Never the less, Junclassic and Bazooka Joe deliver the gods here, a mellow, grim neck snapper equipped with vocal scratches a’la Primo. Like the title says Rugged n Hard, expect nothing less than that.

Shout outs to Lil’ Dap!

Press Release:

Queens emcee junclassic teams up NY DJ/producer Bazooka Joe (DJ Music) for BLVD Backdrop. Produced entirely by Bazooka Joe, BLVD Backdrop is a heavy East Coast Boom Bap Hip Hop album made for the streets, avenues and boulevards worldwide.

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