For those conversant with the US political happenings, you ought to know that President Obama is gradually mending the 40 year plus relations with Cuba. I’m talking about severed relations that started in the early 60s and recently patched last year July. In some type of commemoration of such a historic event of Obama visiting Cuba (Being the first to do so since the 60s), socially aware emcee Jonathan Emile crafts a banging socio-politically charged jam titled Viva Fidel. Flipping the script, he utilises rolling hihats, booming 808s and snapping snares to drive home the message.

The song is off his upcoming EP “Phantom Pain” -> Get Viva Fidel On Spotify


Trends come and go in Hip Hop, we’ve all seen it. From mid-90s grimy New York vibes to the shiny suit era of the late 90s, from early 00s synth heavy crunk to the down south, 808 fuelled trap music of today, the culture has seen it all.
For Jonathan Emile, whose roots lie in Soul, conscious Hip Hop and Reggae, trying something different is in his blood. His 2015 debut album ‘The Lover/Fighter Document LP’ contained all the above elements, and one song in particular – ‘Reception’ – gained major traction on Spotify. This cut embodied the sound of today, and it’s this vibe that Emile rolls with on his new single ‘Viva Fidel’. Released in conjunction with American President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba this week, this is the beginning of a style that Emile calls ‘Trap Conscious’ – rolling hi-hats, heavy synths and syncopated snares, ‘Viva Fidel’s’ infectious chorus will set up camp in your head while the enigmatic verses are full of Emile’s trademark wisdom and delivered with an intensity of a man who means what he says.
Watch the ‘Viva Fidel’ video on YouTube, purchase it on iTunes and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.

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