Nick Almighty declares war and goes on a murder spree taking out whack rappers and leaving a trail of bones in his wake on this hard hitting and thumping single he has titled Iron Throne (catch the Game Of Thrones reference). Gallantly displaying his talents while simultaneously G-checking competitors, Nick Almighty’s grandiose claims prove he is worthy of the throne. With layered punchlines and metaphors, Nick Almighty’s lyrical prowess fits perfectly over top a heavy instrumental with deep bass, booming kicks and snares, and a gritty chopped piano loop. Nick draws a stark contrast to the real street life he’s from and what is portrayed on the screens in music today by rappers. Detailing his disappointment with the fads in Hip-Hop Nick Almighty states his rightful claim to the throne, annihilating fakes and hacks while returning Rap back to it’s original roots.

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