This is quite interesting! This was released last month, and considering that Dilla’s birthday is next month, we see Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ on an unreleased J Dilla track. This track in particular is on a limited 45″ record, which is brought to you by Akomplice.

“For this collab, we’re proud to have blended the talents of J Dilla (via the J Dilla Foundation) with those of the Beast Coast emcee, Joey Bada$$. Our goal with this project was to make something that we love and that the world loves, and to help enable youth access to music. Included within the collection is a t-shirt and crew neck that pay homage to the hallowed producer through an angelic cloud-graphic of J Dilla’s face. We didn’t feel as though a collaboration of this magnitude would be complete without original music, so we included a 45 record, exclusive to the capsule, which contains an unreleased J Dilla beat dubbed “Two Lips” on Side A and an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track over the aforementioned beat on Side B.”

Also in the package is the newspaper that features interviews with both Mrs. Yancey and Joey. You can purchase all this in one set, where all the proceeds will go to purchase instruments and music lessons to underprivileged kids in Detroit and Brooklyn.

Listen to the collabo, and if you’re digging it — you can purchase it here.

Dilla45-front DillaSet2

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