Montreal, Canada-raised rapper JoDOLO found solace in hiphop at a young age listening to legends such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and others. Using his life experiences in Montreal, he puts pen to paper with the aim of giving listeners a glimpse into his daily struggles and the things that make him tick. In his latest release “HIGHA SELF”, he teams up with DJ Pain1 who gifts him with a soulful and mellow backdrop to paint reflective pictures. JoDOLO sure knows the assignment and he tackles the beat with his uniquely laidback flow and precise lyrics that dwell into soul-searching and finding one’s true North in the midst of the madness in the world.

The accompanying video shot by Daniel-Julien Inacio is a mix of performance shots in different spots in the city and the seamless transitions sure tie everything together and gives viewers a candid look at how the emerging rapper carries himself.


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