Boston emcees Jefe Replay and Nucklez team up to form an alliance on their new collaboration titled “Now”. Backed by a mellow, ethereal trap-infused backdrop, the duo trade bars detailing their respective rise from the bottom. Both exuding the eternal spirit of the go-getter, they aim to give the listener a fusion of street knowledge laced with commercial appealing elements that will keep them engaged from start to finish.

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Born on November 13, 1993, Jefe Replay is a hip-hop artist from Roxbury, MA and CEO of Pay Me First Productions. He began creating music in high school and it didn’t take long for his city to take notice of a unique sound that is undeniably Boston. Replay has toured with other prominent acts from the region and strategically released his debut album, Proper Finessements, on 02/1/19 in alignment with the zip code of his notorious, yet beloved Roxbury neighborhood. Finessements paints the first complete picture of the Model, Artist, CEO & details the maneuvers he had to make in order to overcome the realities and daily challenges one faces in this menacing environment.

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